From one package to a full truck!
Our constant propension for the research and innovation sets as a goal the quality and effectiveness for our client: to be your “ architect of transport” !
Who is PRISMA?
The company, was born in the 90‘s by the initiative of two young minds with a vast experience in the international logistics, vaunts of a solid position in the market of international freight forwarding by road and by sea. Presently it offers a complete and personalised service of import/export from and to european and non EU countries, of customs and of consultations.

At the beginning this actitivity grew freight forwarding full loads towards the East of Europe, especially towards Russia. Then the growing demand allowed to offer the services to other markets, developing different type of forwarding by truck in all of Europe.

In recent years this activity has expanded the commercial activity offering also groupage forwarding from and to EU countries and Russia- destinations for which it has specialised in.

The pluriannual  partnership with the best italian and european forwarders and carriers allows the company to furnish with a convinient and safe service. It guarantees punctual deliviries within 24/48 hours ( with a maximum of 96 hours in remote zones).

The team is highly professional and always keen to find the right solution. To provide an efficient and quick service, boasting a full linguistic resource: being able to communicate in Italian, English, Russian, Czech, German, Spanish, Slovak, Rumanian and Moldavian, particularly useful when trying to accomplish a trouble free negotiation when forwarding.